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What We Offer

Yoga Therapy

People seeking relief from various chronic conditions and/or symptoms could benefit from specific yoga therapy interventions. Together we work to create an effective program of therapeutic yoga techniques to lessen any chronic pain you might have and help to facilitate a recovery process. (min. 6 sessions recommended).
Some conditions people usually seek help for are: back pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, hypertension, various addictions and other chronic conditions.

One-on-One Yoga Instruction

According to my teachers, only through individualized instruction with a qualified teacher, can a student truly benefit from Yoga practice. We usually meet once a week to design and teach you a specific program of Yoga practices. We also provide you with written instructions, so you can practice at home. Only by practicing on your own will you experience the beauty and life-changing effect of yoga practices.

Yan Deretsky

12 Step Yoga

According to the American Addictions Centers, “Stress, anxiety, and depression are common side effects of drug withdrawal, and the use of yoga in recovery may actually work to improve these symptoms.”
• We have created a program that helps with recovery from gambling, alcohol, drugs and other addictions.

Yoga for Seniors

There are no age nor health limitations to Yoga practice. T. Krishnamcharya who lived until 101 years of age said that as long as one can breathe – she/he can practice, and, most importantly, benefit from Yoga Practice.

Yan created and taught a program of therapeutic Yoga to the elderly at L’Chaim Senior Center in San Francisco in 1985! He is thought to be the first to present “Teaching Yoga to the Elderly” at a Yoga conference in 1987 and he published his findings in Viniyoga Journal.
Appropriate Yoga Practice is invaluable for people in their seventies, eighties, nineties and beyond because a correct Practice can help one:
(a) reduce or even eliminate any chronic pain
(b) improve strength and flexibility
(c) increase optimism and improve memory
(d) appropriate yoga practice along with good nutrition is the single most important factor to increase longevity and reduce negative symptoms of old age

Yoga for Seniors
Yoga for Seniors

Yoga Teacher Training

For those serious students who want to delve deeper in their study of yoga and begin teaching others, we design a group or individual Yoga Teacher Training in Viniyoga tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and his son Sri T.K.V. Desikachar.

• Yan had the honor and privilege of studying one-on-one with T.K.V. Desikachar, son of Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, for 24 years. Yan knows personally that one-on-one instruction allows for a tailored learning experience not found in a regular classroom environment.

Roots of Yoga

Explore yogic philosophy, history, and/or deepen your understanding of The Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and other Yoga texts. We provide individualized instruction tailored to your interests, including proper pronunciation of posture names in Sanskrit and their deeper meaning.

Meditation Instruction

Appropriate practice of Asanas and Pranayamas is already considered meditation by itself, because it involves your body, breath and mind. We help you to understand what meditation is according to the Yoga Sutras and how you may deepen your medication practice.